Zaker Safari


Food Safety (SURVEY)


I am Zaker Safari and I’m doing a survey on causes of food poisoning. Will you please read carefully the following the 15 question and answer them in full sentences. It will be helpful if you do so.

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1.     Have you or a member of your family suffered from food poisoning?

2.     Was it diagnosed by a doctor-cause, identified, symptoms, suspected case?

3.     How can food poisoning be avoided?

4.     What can you do to prevent food poisoning in your home?

5.     How food poisoning be caused?

6.     Can our food be poisoned, if we let our pets to touch and smell it or leave food out of fridge for long?

7.     Can you tell that your food is poisoned by just looking?

8.     Can you get poisoned by eating expired food?

9.  Is it a risk for you, if you eat out door?

10.   What can you do when some food left-over from dinner, breakfast or lunch? Where can you place it?

11.   If you are unwell and you are preparing food for others, do you know what will happen and what will you passing to others?

12.      What happened, if you only use one chopping board for meat, salad and etc?


13.      Can you pass bacteria by using a towel to dry dishes?



14.      Why are the following SAFTEY TIPS  are important to you and can you please opinion your answer below:

·        Wash hands before eating

·        Keeping your hand and nails clean

·        Keeping your kitchen clean

·        Handle food safely

·        Keep hot food hot and cold food cold

·        Wash you hand in running water with soap

·        Reheat left-over until steaming hot

·        Check the product’s “use by” or “best before” dates


15. At last, I would like to ask you that have you ever by mistake poisoned some one?

If YES, pleases explain, how and why?








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